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Looking at the moment, I didn’t resist complaining about kelp sending messages with her. Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help but smile. It was also kelp root who didn’t know that the man had been with her. I don’t know if she was hesitant at this time. I’m afraid he was full of complaints and whispers about this conversation.

I’m afraid all this has already made the goods frustrated, thinking that it always makes the light rain pattering and they are angry * * lazy * * paddling kelp and actually digging a hole to get themselves into such "trouble" [Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters is really pit. Thinking about what’s on your mind, […]

Just a moment later, the second wave hit Daimaru Mountain again, but it still retreated after rushing to the mountainside!

The third wave, the fourth wave, The 5th Wave … Dozens of huge waves keep coming in, pounding the lonely hill and breaking all the trees on the hillside, but they can’t reach the top of the mountain! These 200,000 soldiers are extremely crowded at the top of Daimaru Mountain, but they are calm and […]

Chapter two hundred and ninety-five Kill him while he is ill

"Master left the Hermit School and joined the Tongwei School?" "What do you mean, from Tongwei to Yinxian branch? I founded many sects. Have you heard of Wushan Sect? At that time, it was full of demons … " "Demon?" "What’s strange about the demon? Are you still a demon? Compared with the demon, the […]

The momentum is shocking, and the speed is increasing. Du Qianqian is spreading everywhere, and the players are all breathing for oppression by a powerful and fearful momentum. Among them, Du Qianqian is naturally the first to bear the brunt, and more than 200 people, such as Blue Sky, are naturally accompanied to resist the outermost players. Although they also feel this momentum, few are affected.

Some players who are close to Du Qian, such as the blue sky, have risen out of their hearts to resist the feeling of despair. Even the blue sky, who is fearless of people, feels inexplicable fear. The blue sky itself does not know whether this is the cause of its own physical fear or […]

Ling Feiyang has been away for a long time. Yang Kangcai emerged from the grass and walked straight to the southeast to avoid everyone.

Out of the room, Xu Yangkang suddenly heard a shout in front of him and hurriedly walked over. By the bright moonlight, Yang Kang saw more than 30 Fusang soldiers around a man who was short and blazing with anger was holding a pair of wrought iron judges’ pens and fighting to the death. "Thousands […]

The sky exploded with dark clouds, and it was broken like a mirror. The scene of the four-person war was terrible. The knife and the sword were broken, and all kinds of twilight bloomed like fairy light. It seems that the stars and the sky are falling. Ning Caichen fought alone, but the three men occupied the absolute wind

Ning Caichen holding a sword leaning on the sky, if a statue of recovering supernatural powers, the strong horse gold, Mu Yun and Park Shao are both old and in their later years, their qi and blood are defeated. Perhaps in the peak period, the martial arts avatar is the top first-class fighting power, but […]


太守看着田博冠“将军今日饮了不少酒不如我这太守府歇息?” 田博冠晃晃悠悠起身酒气冲天而起面露酡红“太守说笑了将军酒醉心今日是将军第一次还需赶回大营不然日后被人钻了奏一将可没处说理去” “倒是官欠缺考虑了”太守闻言面露歉意然后看向玉独秀“不知道长?” 玉独秀一笑“今夜月色不错贫道欲要这城中趁着月看看衮洲夜市就不打扰大人了” “也好就不多留道长城中驿已经道长打好招呼道长可随时入住”太守道 “多谢”玉独秀抱拳一礼 “大人告辞咱们日见”田博冠醉醺醺向着太守打了个招呼转身离去 玉独秀面带笑意一步迈出缩地成寸来到了田博冠身边跟着田博冠向着外面走 缩地成寸乃是神通算不得大神通但却也不是普通神通乃是介于普通大神通随着修行者实力而定 多是修行者法力通天则一步咫尺天涯穷碧落黄泉也是轻而易举若是修浅薄一步迈出几步距离算是了不起了 玉独秀自然没有那种穷法力一步迈出大地脚缩短却是来到了几米外 于说玉独秀什么时候学会了缩地成寸? This is a part of Wuxing Avenue, which has its own magical powers. This shrinkage of Wuxing Avenue is naturally understood by Yu Duxiu and transported out naturally. Walking out of the gate of the Taishou Mansion, there are naturally accompanying soldiers holding […]

Equipment level 2 to 4

These three pieces of equipment can be said to be abnormal, and the deputy and cloak are extremely rare equipment parts, even the hammer that looks rare is actually a very rare one-handed heavy weapon. Heavy weapons are usually hammers, axes or epees, but these heavy weapons are usually two-handed weapons. It’s a blessing to […]

Shang Tanglian counted one, except for five people from her family who invited five. Ten beauties are not bad. Although people are ten beauties, cooking can’t be ten. It is impolite for guests because ten dishes were broken rice in ancient times. Of course, if the conditions are simple, it is six dishes.

In any case, we have to burn enough eleven dishes. In view of the fact that some old people have considered burning several soft glutinous dishes that old people like, such as taro, roast duck, cabbage, tofu pot, carrot, braised pork ribs, steamed eggs, braised beef and steamed fish. Although the elderly are suitable for […]

But it was at this time that something happened that surprised Ye Zhang.

The left hand of the seal in his hand disappeared, and when he chose the option of saving the demon race, the seal part appeared in the hands of the magic emperor. When all the demon races got what they wanted, the magic emperor opened a door and all the demon races entered it one […]

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