Tuesday, July 23 2024

Day: June 13, 2024

I rushed to the chicken refresh area. Yu Fan heard the buzz everywhere and found the bug sound of Yaoshi. I just realized that these players had all received the hidden results just now. When they came back with the wild dog’s tail, the fairy was gone!

In response, the guest official actually said that this is not a bug, but he did not admit that it was not a bug in Yaoshi. What happened to this MD? Listen to a group of players swearing, the culprit Yu Fan said nothing and tried to kill the chicken to vent his anger. Now […]

"Three days later, I will rush back to Junshan Beggars’ Guild Commanding Four Elders to meet and discuss the anti-Mongolian matter." Hong Qigong said, "Meeting is predestined friends. Since I taught my little girl this marksmanship, I naturally can’t let you go home. Now that the situation is urgent, I will teach you a trick’ Kang Long has regrets’ and then I will give you all the ten hands of the dragon when we meet again!"

"I can finally learn to fight the dragon!" Be in heaven in Ling Feiyang’s heart quickly bowed to Hong Qigong and said excitedly, "Thank you, Wang Hong!" "Brother, congratulations!" Yang Kang beside but also happy for ling Feiyang. Hong Qigong took Ling Feiyang to a pine tree and drew a circle with his left leg […]

I think that the Pope of the Heavenly Sword Sect traveled together in those days and allocated a large number of magic weapons, pills and resources, including 20 billion pieces of fairy stones and 1 billion pieces of extremely fairy stones, which was enough to scare those immortals to death.

You know, even for a large force like the Heavenly Sword Sect, these immortal stones are equivalent to the income of the whole Sect for two or three months. However, at present, it is just a planet, and the price of a piece of land is not as high as the income of the celestial […]