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This soft waxy with something of a cry for charm and appearing to please can be regarded as saving the sacred sour heart a little. He is unwilling to whisper "Why? A honey trap for me? What can you hear but can’t see? " "What about our video?" Warm tried to ask "Don’t be more […]

Ling Yu took the treasure in her arms and shook her head. "If it’s not enough, I’ll bribe the El Nino king to support me. The winner blames you for giving me another one."

Wolf God stared at Lingyu intensely, so it was the first time that he was blackmailed by an ant, but he had to bear the evil spirit. "Here you go!" Wolf God once again took out the treasure and fought back the impulse to shoot the ants in front of him. Looking at the Wolf […]

Emperor Wanli waved his hand and said, "Go and seal his mouth for a while."

The official opened his eyes wide, but before he could react, he was caught by a security guard, covered his mouth, and then dragged outside the store. Suddenly, there was an uproar in the court. Is it a thing that should be done in a day to treat my minister like this? When many people […]

Zhong Lijuan carefully discovered Sun Hao’s indisposition and asked, "Is there anything wrong with agarwood? Why don’t we change someone else? "

Sun Hao said slowly, "It’s okay. Magnetic Yuan Jin Qi hurts the lungs a little. You can’t stop the real people. Rest assured that agarwood will recover after a few months at most." They again to the valley. Soon after the advance, Sun Hao’s face appeared with a wry smile. Body Mudan is beating violently […]

Nidhogg figure fragmented.

Tu Ge outside the airport suddenly burst into scarlet from his mouth. He suddenly bombed the Babylonian airport The chaotic light flow violently rushes into the magma river and stops the red river; Blast into the abyss mountain and let the cliff collapse A series of black or white light streams swept across and rushed […]

The female demon turned to look at him faintly and said, "If you have so many little lovers, will you still think of me?"

Sue should have no heart, knowing that she still cares about De Rosa, and immediately said, "De Rosa and I are friends. You don’t have to think about those worlds without you." Su Ying is telling the truth. Gu Ying’s baby is the most important person in his life. Without Gu Ying’s baby, Su Ying […]

Ask and answer Rowling. I pay more attention to Rowling’s eyes.

Reading in sections 367 See what color spots and colorful silks appear in her eyes again I’m sure it wasn’t my illusion that I saw Rowling’s abnormal eyes before. I don’t know what Rowling’s abnormal eyes represent. I don’t know what the abnormal eyes represent. I haven’t appeared since the moment they appeared I can […]

"I really don’t understand what these people want with wild boar teeth?"

There was silence. No one can answer this question Shifang town After returning to the inn, Ru Xiaonan asked Xuanyu to help her buy cinnabar and other necessary tools to bury her head in making amulets to suppress miasma, but the inn was very noisy. She did not make a few for two days and […]

Mo Qing smiled gently. "The Liu family sent some bamboo ginseng husband a few days ago, so I’ll prepare it now that I’m out of my body and I’ve just made a fresh soup."

Wang Xuan’s eyes became soft, "just taste the mother’s craftsmanship." After three years of marriage, they got together less and separated more. Although they are deeply attached to each other, they have more affection. However, after Mo Qing left, Wang Xuan turned his head and looked at the bronze mountains and rivers. The biggest gain […]

"At the beginning, you joined forces with the Heaven Killer to kill me. Brother Liu forced the people in the government. Now you know how to beg for mercy?"

Chen Jiali changed her previous weakness. If anything happens to Liu Yu, she will not let the enemy feel better even if she dies! Speaking of this, the fire spirit is also very sad. Not only is the qualification limited method comparable to Chen Jiali, but it has also been defeated twice. If Zhong Yanre […]

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