Tuesday, July 23 2024

Day: July 1, 2024

"So what? On what opponents we have to play together, "Mu Feng said easily with a little arrogance in his tone.

An arrow pierced the heart and knew that Mu Feng didn’t wait to deal with his opponent. He rushed to Mu Feng and said, "Mu Feng, we are going to deal with players. Three of them are very powerful and the most powerful. The other two are Mu Yantian and King’s Landing Qiushui. How can […]

Shang Tanglian, looking at the servant with some surprise, ordered authentic London food. Shang Tang Liandian is a classic dish.

Of course, people’s servants just looked at it. First, Shang Tang Lian’s intuition was more acute before she found that people later returned to normal. Shang Tanglian heard the chair move when she finished, and the other party also said first, "Shang Tang Lotus, you are up so early." "Yes, the monitor got up when […]

"The military exercises!"

Chapter one hundred and six The four elephants of the great power played by the army are extraordinary Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! The wilderness is like thunder. Accompanied by rumbling footsteps, a group of sergeants walked with a huge shield, sometimes lined up in a square, and sometimes changed, and the defense direction of the […]