Tuesday, July 23 2024

Day: July 3, 2024

In this way, I don’t know how long it took for the wine sword fairy to finally land, which made me happy and quickly called Xiaobai to follow suit.

"Your small strength is good." Jiu Jianxian gave me a look and looked at Xiaobai differently and said, "Holy Horn Flying Horse? Your pet is actually a flying horse near the holy horn of fairy beast strength? This is the same as the one I gave my apprentice Xiaoyao. Well, I heard Xiaoyao was later […]

The body of the Chapter ninety-six was pushed to blame.

It seems that this company really knew it when it came to work, but for this manager, I don’t know how chaotic it would be! Even after being rectified for so long, there will still be some stubborn troubles. Lin Qiao didn’t know what to say. He patted Liu Wen on the shoulder. But fortunately, […]

After careful thinking and analysis, Sun Hao found that although it is difficult to distinguish between enhanced ghosts and ordinary ghosts, in general, there are certain areas where there are more ghosts than a certain number before enhanced ghosts are hidden.

Sun Hao’s judgment is that if there are more than 20 ghosts and scorpions, there will be an enhanced type of weird ghosts and scorpions, while if there are more than 10 black maggots, there will inevitably be a difficult evil maggot. After killing these weird ghosts, scorpions and evil maggots and skinning them, Sun […]