Tuesday, July 23 2024

Day: July 4, 2024

Is the source of hope

Lu Zhan smiled and his eyes really reached. It depends on how he talks about each other. Chapter 26 Summit Country? After all, it’s not your own number. You will hesitate to add friends to Lu Zhan, but this time you added them directly. After adding friends, the other party didn’t speak first, so he […]

"There are many different areas where elves can be resurrected to create various environments." Takeda explained that elves who were resurrected through fossils lived in such a protected area long ago because of environmental changes and there may be no suitable environment research institute for them.

Entering the bamboo field of the building, Longye brought them to Tyrunt where they now live. After arriving here, Longye found that Chaklow had already arrived, and he was staying with Tyrunt to play with him. Tyrunt-like and Longye’s impression is that Tyrannosaurus Rex is like a big head and sharp teeth. He always tells […]

[Hong Tanke] The strong figure also greeted them with a grin.

"I knew there was more …" Chapter 1494 Put rotten "beyond" "This is too spicy ~" One is like a decoration in a bottle, surrounded by a huge force [parallel universe] Earth A beach A large group of gorgeous women are playing around here, and all kinds of laughter are endless. And there are only […]