Tuesday, July 23 2024

Day: July 5, 2024

I regret that I can’t come now

After listening to Liu Bei’s suggestion, Gongsun Zan took the city wall to have a rest for the time being. He hasn’t slept much for several days, and he has enough energy to break through at night. Now he can temporarily put up the city wall to prevent someone else from taking charge of this […]

Just when everyone was overcast, the webcast screen suddenly turned into a flame, and then Lysandre appeared in the picture with that fiery red hairstyle.

"Dear Carlos regional world, my name is Lysandre, and then the Flash Flames team will make a declaration here. I’m going to change this world into a new beautiful world, and our flash team is going to reshape this world to make it better. This world order has long been chaotic, and human beings are […]

Jiang tai, Chen yi surprise way

"Xiao Tai Chen Yi!" Manzhong recognized it. Man Zhong just woke up and needed a rest. They didn’t bother to leave Chen Yi to take care of him. Jiang Tai and Bian Que went to a small pavilion not far away. Two people sit down as soon as possible to pour tea for two people […]