Tuesday, July 23 2024

Day: July 9, 2024

Zhangfan carefully tidied up all the west, then closed the temporary abode of fairies and immortals tightly and fled to the acid rain wasteland.

A day has passed in a blink of an eye. When Zhangfan’s body reappears, he has reached the back of Wanxiang Cave. Zhangfan chose a larger hole and plunged in. Similarly, after passing through the shade, Zhangfan quickly found a bigger Leiling Cave, only to see that the Leiling Cave in front of him was […]

Ling Feiyang refers to the wind and the palm wind that hit the left fender of the wheelchair successively. Khalifa Luna suddenly screamed miserably that there was an extra blood hole in the left arm!

It turns out that the thirteen palms of Ling Feiyang hit this iron plate one after another, and the crystal structure of this iron plate was destroyed, and the hardness has been greatly reduced; And Ling Feiyang’s thirteen fingers were stabbed in the same position of the iron plate. Each finger deepened the concave hole […]

With the wave to stop Wang Feng continue to kiss up to.

Wei Zheng turned to the hot-burning department behind him and shouted, "The first Wu brothers get ready. You can’t stab a blood hole in the body of the first wild boar and meet the second wild boar. When you continue to go back, whoever has no blood on the spear will cancel the pork at […]