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With the wave to stop Wang Feng continue to kiss up to.

Wei Zheng turned to the hot-burning department behind him and shouted, "The first Wu brothers get ready. You can’t stab a blood hole in the body of the first wild boar and meet the second wild boar. When you continue to go back, whoever has no blood on the spear will cancel the pork at […]

"Really? Help pigs? " This is an instant excitement.

"Ha ha! Great! We are counting! " This is a man who is still immersed in just cutting "I’ll go! You idiot! Can you stop stealing my head! " This is an action that has been completely put into practice. …… Listening to these words, Mu Huasheng felt his forehead violently pumping when he heard […]

White paws continue to struggle, dialogue said, "eldest brother … I … didn’t betray you. I … just want to … protect you …………… "While speaking, the voice is getting weaker and weaker, and the light in my eyes quickly dissipates. I haven’t finished yet, and finally I didn’t insist on it until the end. When I was soft, I went straight.

White claw, slowly light up a little white light, like a beautiful little star, Qin Chu know, that is the soul of white claw after death, these souls scattered in the air, will soon dissipate. That white spot of light is gathering more and more in the air, like a swarm of fireflies. Finally, a […]

I went to him and squatted "How?"

He was surprised to see my body twitch and opened his mouth several times without saying a complete word. "Don’t panic, take a deep breath and take your time …" He took a deep breath and then slowly spit it out. The foam in his mouth kept pouring out, but it didn’t hurt to look […]

"EH newcomer sword refers to EDC champion" is an article written by an experienced editor in the local newspaper Yangcrocodile Evening News, which not only analyzes the gains and losses of EH this season, but also feels a little regret that EH did not counterattack this season. After expressing a foreign outlook, it is discussed by Lin Feng, an EH newcomer.

Based on the running-in problem of team play There is also a KDR value based on war damage statistics. Lin Feng’s performance in the last round fell to the ground. As a whole, it was still objective. After all, a big newspaper did not show too much goodwill. In the end, not only did it […]

"Boss, can we compete after dinner?" DuGuGang asked.

"Well, of course it’s no problem." Flying nods with a smile. "That tournament place is in the martial arts hall, such as" DuGuGang continued with a delighted look on his face. "Can" float in the sky nods "Then it’s a date" DuGuGang excited clap your hands and laughed. "Alas, Xiaogang, do you have a tendency […]

Wang You asked a few steps ago, "Is the Chang ‘an War finished? Has it been installed? There is no army to kill people? "

Wang You’s appearance and movement are really scary. The two men stepped back in fear and quickly left here. They feel they need to find the instructor who is in charge of this area. A refugee with a mouthful of nonsense suddenly came in from Dongcheng District. Why didn’t something go wrong and asked some […]

"What?" If the rain eyes asked in astonishment.

"Hum!" Oscar said, "Brother, I have to suck blood at an advanced level!" "oh! Advanced absorption! " If the rain eyes stunned, the big mouth has become a big goose egg shape. "Fuck you, you have to suck blood!" Oscar nu way "Oh," if the rain eyes sigh with emotion, "the original gm gave you […]

After arranging the meal, Sheng wheeled a large bouquet of pink roses, saluted them and went out.

Tang Shiyan knocked the curtain on the roof crystal lamp. He went to the cart and picked out the best rose and waved it in front of the girl. Smile and say, "Why don’t you care if you are the one who wants to leave me?" Shen Xinyu looked up at the rose and felt […]

In fact, it was only in the last five years that the system was really improved, because the fiscal revenue soared to nearly 120 million in recent years, which barely possessed this strength.

"Now I have just checked that the counties in the 14 counties of Guangfu should prepare 10 million tons of grain, and it is verified that the reserve is one million tons and owes two million tons!" Zhang Jingxiu, the minister of the Ministry, truthfully reported Zhu Jinglun frowned. "Why is there so much vanity?" […]

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