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During the period of distraction and physical exercise, a great number of people rose and fled rapidly in a certain direction in the rain forest led by Liang Donghua.

After entering the rain forest filled with poisonous fog, a group of people flew for more than a week before stopping at a low hill. The low hills are lifeless, and there is nothing different except the toxic black-brown sé há o wet soil and bare stones. "Liang Laoer, are you sure it’s here?" Zhu […]

This is Feng Zhi’s last answer to Ye Zhang, and it is also the best one at present. Moreover, Zhang Ye can imagine that when he went online, the sunny city had disappeared from the flashy map, and the last reason why he stayed in the flashy was gone.

Going back to the lost mainland two years ago and continuing the unfinished waiting time there is the most correct choice. When Zhang Ye took the line, the sunny city was gone. When he hit his property bar, he saw the lookout bar, but he was stunned. Because of the sunny city, he now hit […]

Liu Hong patted Lu Zhan on the shoulder and smiled and said

"Well that’s good will recover! But there is one thing to be done before this, "Lu Zhan went on to say. "What is it?" "I’ll make them pay for making you like this!" Lu Zhan said "Do you have an eye?" "Well" Lu Zhan nodded. He and Kang Jie have been doing this. The man […]

"It’s really overreaching that human beings can still dream of fighting against the super-fighting dragon!" Dragon back dragon knight disdain cold snorted.

"Dragon sword! !” However, the dragon knight’s voice just fell and suddenly a thunder sounded from his body, followed by the dragon knight’s foot mount, and the dragon head exploded several blood holes, such as hemp, but firm but gentle from the mouth of the fire dragon. Finally, the thickness of nine buckets is firm […]

I rushed to the chicken refresh area. Yu Fan heard the buzz everywhere and found the bug sound of Yaoshi. I just realized that these players had all received the hidden results just now. When they came back with the wild dog’s tail, the fairy was gone!

In response, the guest official actually said that this is not a bug, but he did not admit that it was not a bug in Yaoshi. What happened to this MD? Listen to a group of players swearing, the culprit Yu Fan said nothing and tried to kill the chicken to vent his anger. Now […]

"Three days later, I will rush back to Junshan Beggars’ Guild Commanding Four Elders to meet and discuss the anti-Mongolian matter." Hong Qigong said, "Meeting is predestined friends. Since I taught my little girl this marksmanship, I naturally can’t let you go home. Now that the situation is urgent, I will teach you a trick’ Kang Long has regrets’ and then I will give you all the ten hands of the dragon when we meet again!"

"I can finally learn to fight the dragon!" Be in heaven in Ling Feiyang’s heart quickly bowed to Hong Qigong and said excitedly, "Thank you, Wang Hong!" "Brother, congratulations!" Yang Kang beside but also happy for ling Feiyang. Hong Qigong took Ling Feiyang to a pine tree and drew a circle with his left leg […]

I think that the Pope of the Heavenly Sword Sect traveled together in those days and allocated a large number of magic weapons, pills and resources, including 20 billion pieces of fairy stones and 1 billion pieces of extremely fairy stones, which was enough to scare those immortals to death.

You know, even for a large force like the Heavenly Sword Sect, these immortal stones are equivalent to the income of the whole Sect for two or three months. However, at present, it is just a planet, and the price of a piece of land is not as high as the income of the celestial […]

When he wanted to understand, he completely understood the old beggar’s last words.

This coach master turned out to be his half piece of bread! He had never had good luck before. He liked playing football since he was a child, but unfortunately he didn’t have the talent. He couldn’t even play well with his classmates. He was always laughed at by everyone. Although he really liked football, […]

One step ahead. It’s really a few people. Now it’s really the core of Yan Sect. Dan Yuanxin is very popular. At this time, he has the courage to ask Dan Yuan, who is sitting in the first somberly face.

"I sent a message to my brother that the third of the three brothers Juxianzong Xujia is coming for us with dozens of Juxianzong elites." Dan Yuankou will come back with the message and immediately let a group of dharma protectors and elders face a change. "The temple master is not to say that now […]

Chiang Kai-shek is not easy to deal with, and even worse, he married a wife or came from the Beijing Military Region.

"Mom, I’m not content that you have to help me get justice." I don’t want to suffocate her because you let her stay at home every day. "How can you please tell me if you can?" Angry and funny, I stared at my daughter, but Mrs. Cai smiled with Nai. She is not young and […]

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