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Meng Bureau turned angry and pleased at Qianqian Wu with the wave and let her arrange it herself, then got up and left their office.

Running at top speed on the national highway, I don’t feel that I have been stared at by a pair of eyes. With the arrival of Qianqian Wu, my fate will eventually change dramatically. Even a man as strong as me can’t control his future. It’s just a cog in the times, frozen and reborn […]


A flips the broadsword to chop Xiao Yu’s neck, and a huge gouges where whole pieces were missing sparks crackled. Xiao Yu felt a sharp pain in his neck, and the golden blood flowed out. This knife seemed to be unbearable in his soul. "Bastard dare to convict me of anything. I have always been […]

Days will rush fierce words few war nodded, he patted days will rush fierce shoulder with a smile.

"I’ll meet you for a drink at the weekend." Ye Zhang and the famous war left, and Ben Lie took a deep breath. He just walked back to today, and almost no business has sold the death awning exchange. When he looked at the dazzling array of goods, he could leave a sigh in his […]


Billie Chan nodded to me and stood up and winked at Ouyang Ming and Hou Peng. Two people fled like frightened rabbits. Billie Chan saw that two people were so clever and left the door and shouted, "I order if anyone dares to break into the teahouse to kill forgiveness." Billie Chan’s temperament is definitely […]

He is an empire except corrupt officials, but I didn’t expect the duke to be a bandit.

"It is presumptuous for me to be so arrogant in the Chinese Empire!" Su Yu was furious and was preparing to bring the bandit out. I turned around and saw that Jack, who should have escaped, appeared in front of his door again. "Didn’t you run away?" Su Yu remembers that he has run away. […]

[Team] Stewed pig’s trotters. A chivalrous man is coming!

It took a few seconds for Maoershi to reply to the message. I don’t know if it was because I turned my perspective to see if the chivalrous man was there or because I was busy rejecting this wave. [Team] When we seize the opportunity to try to invite us, we will rush over! But […]

Lu Yanzhou didn’t answer her question and said, "Xiaoyu is not the kind of person you think."

"No?" Wonderful jade-like stone smile "do you know Mr Never take a woman home for the night? It has been more than ten years since he returned to China. This is the first time to make an exception. Do you dare to say that they are nothing? " Section 335 Liu Yanzhou thought about the […]

In order to ensure the unity of the whole alliance

Alliance executives will never allow this history to be published. Think of this Liu Yuan instantaneous white Adolf to take the initiative to tell yourself. These are not known in history. This is forcing yourself to ship! I’m … pawned! Of course, when But the real alliance will not do anything to Liu Yuan now. […]

Zhangfan carefully tidied up all the west, then closed the temporary abode of fairies and immortals tightly and fled to the acid rain wasteland.

A day has passed in a blink of an eye. When Zhangfan’s body reappears, he has reached the back of Wanxiang Cave. Zhangfan chose a larger hole and plunged in. Similarly, after passing through the shade, Zhangfan quickly found a bigger Leiling Cave, only to see that the Leiling Cave in front of him was […]

Ling Feiyang refers to the wind and the palm wind that hit the left fender of the wheelchair successively. Khalifa Luna suddenly screamed miserably that there was an extra blood hole in the left arm!

It turns out that the thirteen palms of Ling Feiyang hit this iron plate one after another, and the crystal structure of this iron plate was destroyed, and the hardness has been greatly reduced; And Ling Feiyang’s thirteen fingers were stabbed in the same position of the iron plate. Each finger deepened the concave hole […]

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